New Baltic Barometer Surveys

The New Baltic Barometer (NBB) was launched in 1993 to reflect opinions in three multi-ethnic societies, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, incorporated into the Soviet Union as a consequence of the Second World War. The Barometer has continued now that they are member states of the European Union.

Whereas political rhetoric often describes all people of a given nationality as thinking alike, election results show differences of opinion. The New Baltic Barometer documents differences within every nationality in the region along lines of age, education, economic circumstances and gender. Differences within each nationality may be paralleled by similarities between nationalities. Comparisons with the Russians in Russia can be made through the New Russia Barometer survey.

For each of the six rounds of New Baltic Barometer, results are arrayed comparatively in six columns, two for Estonians and Russians in Estonia (EstRus); two for Latvians and Russians in Latvia (LatRus); and two for Lithuanians and Russians in Lithuania (LitRus). This leaves readers free to make whatever comparison they deem most appropriate. Dates of fieldwork and sampling details are contained at the end of the report for each round.

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Economic activity 5 6 1 6 29 38
Economic evaluations 1 15 8 24 23 5
Political evaluations 31 23 17 40 7 13
Identities 51 49 46 50 32 22
Language 51 48 38,41 20,41 - 37
Inter-ethnic relations 44 29,50 26,49 41 - 24
Social characteristics 60 52 50 59 - 36